Shall we meet under the blue sky?

Milano Salone 2006


weighting for you Manabu Kawada

  • [ 画像 ] weighting for you

creating floating angle

Sometimes people need to form their own imaginary space separated from the physical world; while speaking on the phone. thinking about someone else or just while lookingup at the sky. By observing this formation of a clear and sunny mental space "Weighting for you" was ceated. Standing or sitting back against the board allows a natural position to look up and see the world from a defferent perspective, creating a clear contemplation space. As with all three concepts it relies on its environment to balance, using the existence of a wall to adjust its angle and position. its transient nature reflects the atmosphere it wi wishes to create. Through the object a fine virtual mental space is created.

juxtaposed with you Marianne Bailey

  • [ 画像 ] juxtaposed with you

creating a open shelter

Although people have a strong instinctual senses of public and personal space, this sense is not often observed consciously. The idea of sharing an umbrella gives a sense of warmth, friendship and protection from outside elements; it has a sense of connectionand kinship. Under "Juxtaposed with you" personal space becomes shared and harmonized by a handle indicating a new, more intimate yet comfortable spatial division. Its circular table-like surface invites and welcomes people under the transpanret open canopy. A sense of composed tension and dynamic equilibrium is created by its balanced three point stance. Through the object wide-open intimate space is formed.

reflection of you Yoshihiro Katsumata

  • [ 画像 ] reflection of you

creating balanced atmosphere

Somtimes a memory can be stronger than the experience itself. An experience happens once; a memory exists many times over. Somtimes we would like to hold onto memory for longer. "Reflection of you" can stand on the floor or balance on the side of a table like a cat climbing up ont a surface. When balancedd on a table it softry rocks, provifing light, inspiration and quiet yet curious companionship. It evokes the memory of calm, comfortable company, like a close friend when words are not necessary and silence can be meaningful. As with the other concepts, it relies on its environment to balance and create its existence. Trough the object a sense of gentle companionship is formed.