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Uploaded On:  Friday April 3, 2020

Join us for an intimate visit with Yamaha artist Jason Webb — a diversely talented and in-demand keyboardist, recording musician, producer, arranger, and composer. This exclusive broadcast, produced by Yamaha Entertainment Group, features an in-depth, behind-the-scenes experience with the artist through a series of interviews and musical selections.

Recognized for his signature style and musical versatility, Webb has cultivated an impressive career working on scores for multiple vocalists, record labels, television shows, movies and more, in addition to his own solo recording and performing endeavors.

Enjoy a variety of song selections, including "Change Is", "After You’ve Gone", and "Baltimore Blues" and their stories behind the songs in this special performance. Jason is accompanied by Danny O’Lannerghty (bass) and Scott Williamson (drums).

This performance was originally recorded July 23-24, 2014, in Franklin, TN.