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DTV - Laura Shaffer: The Noir Nightingale Quartet - Laura Shaffer

Uploaded On:  Friday July 21, 2017

Cabaret Jazz at the Smith Center brings the soul of jazz, elegance of cabaret and talent from the multitude of performers that cross the stage into one sophisticated nightclub. This rebroadcast performance—EXCLUSIVELY produced for DisklavierTV viewers—from Cabaret Jazz features sultry jazz singer and one-of-a-kind performer Laura Shaffer—the Noir Nightingale. A true entertainer, Shaffer is recognized not only for her musical talent, but her overall style and persona that effortlessly captures the glamour and allure of the Golden Era. Shaffer’s vintage look and warm, sultry vocal style has earned her a successful career performing in all of the major venues on the Las Vegas Strip, as well as an international fan base. Don’t miss this special performance that will take you to an era of the past. This uncut, unedited performance was originally broadcast from Cabaret Jazz at The Smith Center in Las Vegas, NV, on November 25, 2014.