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Extended - Hot Sardines - From MIM - The Hot Sardines

Uploaded On:  Tuesday May 31, 2016

Take a blustery brass lineup, layer it over a rhythm section led by a stride-piano virtuoso in the Fats Waller vein, and tie the whole thing together with a one-of-the-boys front-woman with a voice from another era, and you have the Hot Sardines (www.hotsardines.com/about/). Proclaimed as "one of the best jazz bands in NY today" by Forbes and "consistently electrifying live" by Popmatters, the Hot Sardines are a one-of-a-kind vibrant group of talent that bridge the gap to another era with their own unique style and sound. Founded by bandleader Evan "Bibs" Palazzo and lead singer Miz Elizabeth, this powerhouse ensemble takes you back to the glamour and passion of "hot jazz" in the ‘20s, ‘30s and ‘40s. The Hot Sardines deliver a fun, energetic and transformative performance that you will not want to miss! This uncut, unedited performance was originally broadcast LIVE on January 17, 2015 from MIM in Phoenix, AZ.