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Frederic Chiu Celebrating 25 Years with Yamaha - Frederic Chiu

Uploaded On:  Wednesday January 21, 2015

In this special Extended On Demand performance, world-renowned pianist Frederic Chiu delivers an impressive concert in celebration of 25 incredible years as a Yamaha Artist. Acclaimed for his unique programming, innovation and artistic brilliance, Chiu’s list of accomplishments is boundless. This performance’s repertoire is focused on highlighting key elements of his inspiring career and a true celebration of his life—50 years of age, 44 years as a pianist and 25 focusing on the development of the piano through Yamaha. His program, with a unifying inspiration from Paris, features works by Prokofiev, Debussy, Ravel, Gao Ping and Chopin, including a groundbreaking performance of Chopin’s Rondeau in C Major; Opus 73, where he performances simultaneously on two pianos using Yamaha’s revolutionary Disklavier technology. This celebratory performance from a true visionary will have you looking forward to Chiu’s next 25 years inspiring, innovating and revolutionizing piano music. This premiere performance was originally recorded on October 30, 2014. Photography by Chris Craymer.