true multi-channel surround sound...

As amazing as it seems, the YSP-1100 can actually deliver multi-channel sound that surrounds listeners the same way that sound from front, center and rear speakers does. DVD movies and other digital sources sound just the way they are supposed to. Dolby Pro Logic II is included, so even 2-channel TV sound can be heard in glorious multi-channel surround. Remember, this is true surround sound, not virtual surround, which can cause listening fatigue.

The YSP-1100 contains 42 digital amplifiers to power 42 sound drivers, delivering remarkable multi-channel enjoyment from a single, elegant component.

easy to set up

Setting up the Yamaha Digital Sound Projector is much easier than a conventional home theater system because multiple speakers and extra wiring are eliminated. Installation of this system is so versatile that you can place it next to, or on top of, your video display... or if you have a wall mounted flat panel video display you can use the optional wall-mount bracket to place it securely on the wall. No matter if your room is square or rectangular, or if you have to place your Digital Sound Projector in a corner or another part of the room, the system is flexible enough for virtually any room configuration.

My Beam Mode Focuses the Sound at a Specific Position with Just a Touch
Instead of surround sound, users can focus the sound to the place where they are sitting. Even in noisy surroundings, you can hear dialogue and other sounds clearly. It is also handy to avoid disturbing others who are sleeping, for example, as well as helping people who are hard of hearing. You just point the remote control at the YSP unit, hold a button for a few seconds, and the sound is directed right at that spot. There are also four other selectable sound modes: 5 Beam, 3 Beam, 3 Beam + Stereo, and Stereo.
5-Beam Mode Stereo Mode 3-Beam Mode Stereo +
3-Beam Mode
My Beam Mode

an easy blend

It’s not just about how it sounds... it’s also about style, and how well it complements a wall or stand-mounted plasma, LCD or rear-projection video display. With slim, contemporary design, it becomes an elegant statement of the latest in home theater technology. And, since it can be used as an on-wall system, you can take the Digital Sound Projector with you if you move!

The YSP-1100 is available in black or silver finish to complement most video display colors.

YSP-1100 custom installation compatibility

The YSP-1100 supports IR signal transmission for the convenient operation of other components. The YSP-1100 can be controlled by an IR signal sent through the Remote In terminal. The IR signal received by the Remote Control Sensor on the front panel is directly output through the IR OUT terminal. It is also provided with an RS-232C interface for a touch-panel controller.

A subtle blue LCD keeps you informed of your current surround setting and volume level without interfering with your viewing enjoyment.

Yamaha's exclusive IntelliBeam feature ensures optimum multi-channel reproduction with accurate image localization