An Original By: Tom Lane
Had a conversation about what makes a band or artist original...  
Are you easily offended? By: Tom Lane

Proverbs 18:19
A Brother offended is harder to win than a strong city, and contentions are like the bars of a castle.

Band In Conflict!? By: Tom Lane
In seminars and conferences around the world I hear from leaders and band members many of the same ?'s regarding how to deal with conflicts. So I thought I'd spend some lines on the subject.  
More Than a Worship Band By: Tom Lane
I remember the first time I was hooked by music and cognizant of it's power and influence. My family was visiting an aunt and uncle...  
Tactfully Correct! By: Tom Lane
I have a dear friend Rick who is without a doubt the most gracious and tactful man I know. I could say something and clear a room, he'll say the same thing and earn a friend. It's a gift.  
The Mission By: Tom Lane
Years ago I was at a festival in Southern Hungary with people from all over the world. As I talked with the bands at the festival it was evident they had a mission and were passionate for Christ despite the lack of resource, opposition, and inconvenience. Just to get to the event some passed through war zones in Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia.  
Who's the Leader? By: Tom Lane
What the best leaders do however is find those better than themselves and help them shine in their strengths.