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Let It Go (Disney's Frozen) / Vivaldi's "Winter" - The Piano Guys

Uploaded On:  Wednesday October 31, 2018

Anyone who has seen Disney's movie Frozen will surely recognize its single "Let It Go" and all the emotion, energy, and drama packed into one tune. In their version, The Piano Guys added a little more drama by melting together "Let It Go" with themes from Vivaldi's classical piece "Winter." The group notes, "Vivaldi's almost reckless string motives helped us surround the determined, upbeat melody and chords from 'Let It Go' with intensity and uncertainty." This fantastic video was filmed at the Ice Castles in Midway, Utah; everything you see is real snow and ice.
Album: The Piano Guys "Wonders"

Who are The Piano Guys?
Billions of views. Millions of followers. Wonders of the World. Concerts in every corner of the globe. Who knew all this could have started in a little Yamaha piano store in a tiny town in Southern Utah? But that's what happened. Paul, a Yamaha dealer who dabbled in videography; Jon, a professional pianist; Al, a music producer and studio engineer; and Steve, a cellist with a creative superpower called ADHD: all serendipitously joined forces to create the most successful YouTube instrumental music group in history. The Piano Guys are watched and streamed over three million times EVERY DAY.

They've made their mark by taking the piano and cello out of their concert hall context and putting them in places you'd never expect to see them: on a speeding train, a cliff's edge, a beach, in front of the Seven Wonders... and now in every Yamaha piano store! Combining classical music, pop, film score, and original music, The Piano Guys' mission is to inspire and spread hope through incomparably imaginative music videos filmed all over the world.
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