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A Steely Dan Revue - Performance of the Month - Preztel Logic

Uploaded On:  Friday January 1, 2021

With such memorable hits like Reelin’ In The Years, Peg, Josie and FM, Pretzel Logic--A Steely Dan Revue travels the United States playing concerts, festivals, and corporate events as the premier band in the country performing the music of the legendary Steely Dan.

While the multi-faceted members easily evoke eclectic sounds of jazz harmony, rock licks, polished vocals and complex rhythms, they also literally have the DNA of Steely Dan embedded in their group. Bassist Jake Feldman, son of Steely Dan’s own Victor Feldman, generates the band’s heartbeat, which skyrockets Pretzel Logic to a level of unmatched eminence and authenticity.

Audiences embrace Pretzel Logic’s pulse-pounding tempos, blend of jazz-pop fusion and funky rhythmic sounds that made Steely Dan popular. Listeners feel the music. Sip in the smooth vocals. Rouse to the beat and dance. Such tightly-woven tunes, melodic hooks, funky grooves and soul-soothing sounds have created loyal fans in every city which the band visits. In grand or intimate theaters, indoor or outdoor arenas, corporate events or public venues, Pretzel Logic’s unforgettable performance delivers.

This performance was originally recorded live on July 27, 2017, at Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, CA.