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Aurora - John C. O'Leary III

Uploaded On:  Tuesday May 10, 2022

Enjoy pianist John C. O'Leary III's original composition, "Aurora," featured on his album, "The Sundering" (Arbors Records, 2022). This album opens listeners up to all that makes humans vulnerable. It offers a glimpse into the main character's life scenes that evoke moments full of emotion: memories of childhood, snapshots of joy, of nostalgia, separation, friendship, existential ponderings, and at times confusion and doubt. Ultimately the resolution of internal conflict helps find that place where we can sit still.

With a rich and complex cultural background, John C. O'Leary III-the son of an American father and a Mexican mother-writes music that harbors an idiosyncratic and poetic dichotomy. There's a deep sense of longing and belonging that invites soul into his music. Abundant in imagery, his compositions occupy that space the immigrant or the "outsider" mind inhabits, both heavily rooted and free of any pre-conception at once.

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