Acoustic Pianos

Acoustic Pianos
Yamaha has been making acoustic pianos since 1900 and made its first grand piano in 1902. Our products are the choice of many of the top performing venues and concert halls. Many of today's most popular performing artists play Yamaha pianos and they are even seen on many of today's most-watched television shows. Colleges and universities select Yamaha pianos to train tomorrow's stars as well.
Yamaha Pianos are available in a variety of sizes and finishes in both upright and grand piano models.

Upright Pianos

Upright pianos are ideal for locations where space may be limited, taking up a footprint of roughly 5'W by 2'D. While there are many furniture choices and cabinet styles that are more suited for home use, the following instruments are those that are most popular and suitable for the Hospitality Industry:
P22 Satin Walnut
The P22 45" upright piano is one of the most popular models for institutional and hospitality use. Its dual casters along with sturdy cabinet design and reinforced legs allow the piano to move easily and with peace of mind. A locking fallboard helps to protect the piano from being played by unwanted hands and at unwanted times. Available in Dark Oak, Light Oak, Satin Ebony and Satin Walnut.
T118 Polished Ebony
The T Series of Professional upright pianos offers the same Yamaha quality as the popular U Series, but with fewer features and at a more economical price. Like the P22, the T Series features reinforced legs and a collection of single casters on each corner. The T118 is 47" tall and comes in a variety of finishes. The T121 is 48" tall and is available in Polished Ebony.
U1 Polished Mahogany
The U Series of professional uprights has long been recognized for its quality of tone and appealing cabinet design. The locking fallboard is also equipped with our patented Soft-close feature so that it doesn't close abruptly on someone's fingers. The hinged lid offers better sound projection of the piano's deep tone. This series is available in two sizes: U1 (48") and U3 (52") and in a variety of finishes.
YUS5 Polished Ebony
The Premium YUS Series features upgraded materials as well as newly designed dual casters and is available in three different models: YUS1 (48"), YUS3 and YUS5 (both 52"). The YUS5 has all of the features of the other models plus a more ornate cabinet (beveled music rack with mahogany accents) and a sostenuto pedal for the discerning performer. Available in a variety of finishes (except for the YUS5 which is only available in Polished Ebony).

Grand Pianos

Few things speak "Elegance" like a grand piano. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, their tonal quality surpasses the beauty of its design. Yamaha grand pianos have graced the stages of some of the most renowned concert halls and performance venues around the world and continue to be the choice of many today's top pianists. There are many different models and finishes from which to choose to suit your space and budget requirements.
GC1 Satin Walnut
The Classic Collection of grand pianos provides superb Yamaha craftsmanship for those with a smaller budget. There are three models in this series to choose from: GB1K (4'11"), GC1M (5'3") and GC2 (5'8") and each comes is a selection of finishes.
C5 Polished Ebony
The Conservatory Collection of grand pianos, also commonly referred to as the "C Series," is designed with performance in mind. Ranging in size from 5'3" (C1) through 7'6" (C7) with four additional sizes in between (C2, C3, C5 and C6), it is easy to find the right size to fit your venue. Among many other upgraded features, the C Series pianos are made with patented Ivorite keytops that nearly duplicate the feel of real ivory, sure to satisfy even the most discerning performers.
CFIIIS Polished Ebony
The Handcrafted Concert Collection encompasses instruments of rare perfection, handcrafted from the very finest materials to the highest professional standards in the Yamaha concert grand workshop. Incorporating a host of recent advances, today's redesigned S Series grands are more impressive than ever, offering concert-quality features and performance for the most demanding pianists. This series is comprised of three models: S4 (6'3"), S6 (6'11") and the CFIIIS (9'0").