William Grambling

William Grambling's Biography

William Grambling was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. Before he left the single digits he was picking out melodies and chords on the piano, so his mother wisely enrolled him in lessons with a local teacher. Throughout his youth, Will "supplemented" his classical piano study with anything he could get his ears on – hymns in his Southern Baptist church, country and rock 'n roll from his grandparents, and classic rock and folk from his parents' record collection. He also played in the drumline of the nationally recognized L.D. Bell High School Marching Band.

Will relocated from Texas to Los Angeles in 2002 to attend the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California where he received a BA in music in 2006. Los Angeles opened up a whole new world of music to Will, and he began devouring the sounds of jazz, gospel, blues, and R&B. Listening to recordings, taking lessons, and playing with local musicians he refined his style to incorporate some of these newfound idioms. Will currently plays and writes with a few independent artists around Los Angeles and tours with Hollywood Records artist Jesse McCartney. Even though listening to all these LA cats makes him jump out of his seat, the down-home music he was raised on still makes him cry.

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