Next to world-renowned products, the most important assets at Yamaha are our artists. Our artists help make our two-dimensional products come alive. Yamaha Corporation of America has the proud distinction of managing more artist relationships than any other musical manufacturer in the world. Our more than 3,500 artists shine across the spectrum of musical genres and their abilities are as unique and vast as the Yamaha product line.

If you currently play Yamaha instruments or have tried them and know that they are your first choice of musical expression, you can apply for a Yamaha artist designation. It is necessary that you have an established career in the music industry if you wish to be considered as a Yamaha artist.

To submit an application for endorsement, please read the important FAQ below, and then read Who Do I Contact to determine where to send your application and promotional package.


There are several artist relations departments at Yamaha. Please click here to determine the appropriate artist relations group you should contact, according to the main instrument you play.

If you are interested in submitting your materials for Yamaha Entertainment Group, YCA's record label, please click here and put Artist Submission in the subject line.


What does it mean to be a Yamaha artist?

  • Yamaha artists belong to a worldwide family of elite musicians that possess incredible talent, which we at Yamaha are proud to expose to the world.
  • Yamaha artists have the privilege of getting discounts on Yamaha products, as well as substantial discounts on thousands of related Yamaha musical products.
  • They are honored worldwide with our promise of service and support and are granted access to Yamaha custom shops in the U.S. and abroad.
  • They are offered presence on our Global Artist Website, have their writings published in our publications, and receive professional advice and career guidance.
  • They are part of a respected worldwide network of Yamaha staff and artists dedicated to quality in all aspects of music.
  • Select artists assist with product design.
  • Yamaha performing artists have read and signed an artist agreement and agree to communicate with the Yamaha Artist Relations Department on a regular basis.
  • Yamaha artists are sometimes asked to participate in publications and stories produced by Yamaha, which provides priceless public relations and marketing mechanisms for our artists by exposing their music to millions.

What does Yamaha expect of its artists?

  • Yamaha expects artists to be active performers and/or teachers in the music industry.
  • Yamaha helps our artists obtain their instruments easily and we ask that our artists reciprocate by using our products consistently in the studio, on tour, and in clinics. Whatever and however a Yamaha artist performs, they do it with expression and are open to sharing with others the fact that they found their voice on a Yamaha instrument.
  • They should thank Yamaha for support and mention what model they play if given an opportunity during a clinic/recording/credits etc.
  • Yamaha expects to receive updates on artist's careers, such as new recordings, tours, teaching appointments, publications, etc.
  • Most of all, we expect our artists to continue their careers as planned and include Yamaha as often as possible.

How will it affect my career?

The title "Yamaha Artist" or "Yamaha Performing Artist/Clinician" may open many doors in certain fields. It conveys a certain amount of immediate credibility to many. We strive to keep our roster elite, containing only active, gifted and articulate musicians.

What limitations does Yamaha have in supporting its artists?

  • Yamaha does not pay artists to play its instruments. We are not a booking agency or management service. We offer sound advice and solid referrals, but it is incumbent on the artists to define and propel his or her own career.
  • We cannot guarantee support, financial or otherwise when a Yamaha artist travels abroad. The type of event, the amount of advance notice and the destination determines the amount of support Yamaha is able to offer for educational events.
  • Yamaha rarely, if ever, uses artists in advertisements. We choose to promote our artists and their accomplishments in our own publications.
  • Yamaha does not pay artists to play gigs or concerts other than Yamaha events. Our resources are devoted to educational programs and events.

Will I get discounts on other Yamaha Products?

Although we are one large company, we are made up of different divisions. If a Yamaha artist expresses interest in purchasing a Yamaha instrument from another division, they will be offered support on a case-by-case basis. This is a privilege.

What is required in the application process?

There are several Artist Relations departments at Yamaha, and therefore each application process requires something slightly different. Click on Who Do I Contact above, and once you select your instrument designation, you will find the full application requirements and details, including what to include in your promotional package.