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Victor Jones's Biography

Over the last 3 or 4 years, Victor has been concentrating on his own band, called Victor Jones' Culture- Versy. They have toured in Asia (mostly South Korea) and Japan. The band works in and around New York City. The band has one CD out called New Vue on the Jeva Audio label. They have just mixed and mastered their new CD "Living in a New York Bubble." It is Acid Jazz mixed with some lovely catchy ballads.

While the band was in Seoul Korea in 2005, Victor did a recording with a Korean group called Second Moon; he did some drumming and vocals on it. This record has just won the Korean Grammy for "Record of the Year" (its folk rock) on EMI Records.

Victor is still the house drummer and trumpet player at Tallest Tree Studio, in Montclair, New Jersey, owned by platinum and gold producer / songwriter Joshua Thomson.

He recently played on Joe's new joint and Olivia's (singer for 50 cent) new album. 50 cent is also on Joe's album, so 50 and Victor are sidemen together. Victor is playing trumpet on these records.

He recently recorded a great CD with the legendary John Hicks. Unfortunately John passed away about one month after the recording was done, so this was John's last recording.

Victor is still doing sessions, still working with Michael Wolff and Papo Vasquez, and touring the world with his band and Alex Blake's group.

Victor Jones

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