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Tony Verderosa has developed a groundbreaking live show remixing Breakbeats, Drum 'n' Bass, Hip Hop and Nu Jazz. Voted “#1 Electronic Drummer” in Drum! Magazine’s reader’s poll. In a scene dominated by Turntables, Tony has chosen to make his mark using Electronic drums, Samplers and Vocoders live on stage. He is a featured artist along with Moby, Busta Ryhmes, Kid Rock, David Bowie and others at where you can download interactive versions of his music (search under his stage name “VFX”).

His most recent project involves recording acoustic drums and remixing on the new John Petrucci Solo CD "Suspended Animation" (Guitarist for Dream Theater). He has also just released his new Solo Cd called VFX Vol 2, available at

Over the years, Tony has performed and recorded with Coldcut, Underworld, The Brecker Brothers, Sinead O'Connor, Philippe Saisse, Dream Theater’s John Petrucci and Angelique Kidjo among many others. He has been interviewed in Musician magazine, XLR8R, Modern Drummer, CBS Up to the Minute News, NBC's Today Show, Fox TV News, BBC TV, and a variety of radio and TV shows in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan. He also has a full line of Sabian cymbals and Promark drumsticks that bear his signature and design features.

Tony has helped to redefine the drummer’s role in contemporary music. Tony explains, “I am a classically trained percussionist and composer. Why should I limit myself to playing just drum grooves given the flexibility of electronic drums? These drums enable me to combine my passion for Dj’ing, remixing, composing, playing piano and drumming."

Tony V. also works closely with Yamaha engineers in Japan on research and development for many of their digital instruments. He is a Premier Artist with AMD and Stienberg, featured recently in a global ad campaign along with Alan Parsons and Peter Frampton, featured in Mix Magazine, Remix Magazine, Electronic Musician and many other publications.

Tony resides in NYC where he owns a music company called Thwak! which is helping to re-define how artists create, distribute and market music to a global audience. Tony has also recently authored 3 new books on Electronic music with Hal Leonard Publications as well as a DVD video that documents his innovative approach to music performance.


Tony Verderosa's Gear
Tony Verderosa

Gear List

BBD-1522T 22"x17"BTT-1510U 10"x8"BTT-1512U 12"x9"BTT-1514 14"x12"BSD-0545 14"x5.5"NSD-1260M 12"x6"SKRM-100 Subkick