Steve Pageot

Steve Pageot's Biography

Some artists belong to the elite and rare group known as the "triple threats." They are singers, dancers, actors, models or songwriters. Steve Pageot has reached an even higher classification by becoming the latest quadruple threat.

Yamaha artist, Pageot, is a successful producer, musician, composer and musical engineer. His favorite instrument when he is writing or producing music is the Yamaha motif es8. His talent is the product of hard work, determination and a legacy of musicians within his own family.

He was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., and raised in Canada. Pageot's family had several musical talents including: his father, a bass player, his brother, a piano player and his uncle, a recording artist and musician.

Pageot began playing music when he was just three. The first instrument was his father's guitar, but Pageot did not experimenting and learning instruments after just one guitar. He studied classical music at the Pierre Laporte School of Arts in Montreal, Canada. While he was in school in Montreal, Pageot pursued the flute. When he was a high school Senior, Pageot entered and won Canada's most prestigious music competition called "The Canadian Music Competion."

After high school, Pageot also studied at Vanier College in Montreal, where he majored in computers and electronics. He began producing and incorporated his classical music style with the modern sounds of R&B/Hip-Hop. When he was 19, Pageot and his flute were featured on the "Worldbeat" CD by George Rodriguez. He also performed in The Bernard Brown Showcase and The Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Pageot became a member of the "Hit Makers" list after he produced "The War iz On" with Krayzie Bone (featureing Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Layzie Bone). He also helped engineer the 2004 Grammy-winning single, "Wonderful," performed by Aretha Franklin. Pageot also worked with Reuben from American Idol, Wyclef and Snoop Dogg.

Films are also part of Pageot's passion for music. He produced songs for the films "Ghetto Dog" and "Sucker Punch." Some of his own theme music can be found on commercials for Herbal Essences, Trix, Neutrogena, Burger King and Hoover Vacuum Cleaners.

His music is found all over the television, radio, albums and on film. Pageot continues to write and produce music on his Yamaha MOTIF ES8.

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