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Current Tours:
John Scofield
The East Village Opera Company
The Manhattan Transfer
Ravi Coltrane

Whether it's playing a pop ballad with Latin pop star Thalia, trading 8's with guitar legend John Scofield, flowing through a funk groove in 13 with the Ravi Coltrane Group, or playing a variety of styles behind legendary vocalese group The Manhattan Transfer, the ability to speak and communicate through music is what matters to Steve Hass. Hass is one of New York City’s busiest session drummers as well balancing out his time off the road with numerous recording sessions.

Receiving a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music in Boston Steve Hass was inspired enough to learn every style of music that existed… "Checking out the music of the world is very important to me… I have made it a point to study music from Cuba, Africa, India, the Middle East, from everywhere, in order to have more tools to use in my career."

Steve Hass continues this philosophy today, from jazz to hip-hop; from world to rock, all the while traveling around the world, offering a vast musical knowledge, originality and genuine feel within every rhythm he creates.

He plays with John Scofield, and Manhattan Transfer.

Steve Hass's Gear
Steve Hass

Gear List

Live Custom Absolute Maple Nouveau AD-1520 20"x16"AD-1522 22"x16"ATT-1510U 10"x8"ATT-1512J 12"x8"AFT-1514 14"x14"AFT-1516 16"x16"ASD-0545 14"x5.5"MSD-12PE 12"x4"