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Steve Augustine's Biography

Steve Augustine has always had a love for drums and rhythm. At age 2, he was counting in songs on the radio and asking for drums to play. By age 5, his Mom was tired of all the damage to their pots, pans, Tupperware and anything else Steve could pretend were drums, so she bought him a drum set from the local toy store. Steve never looked back, playing 3-5 hours daily--not to practice, but just because he loved it so much! It wasn't long before Steve got the attention of a few local bands, and by age 12 started to play out at churches, clubs and camps wherever he could. By 15, he had recorded with his high school band, and by 17 had a full schedule of working by day and playing drums by night.

Steve has toured the world as a member of the band Thousand Foot Krutch, playing thousands of shows since 2001 and selling well over a million copies of their albums. Committed to the furthering of the drumming community, the inspiration and education of beginner and veteran drummers alike, Steve co-founded an online resource for drummers called “180 Drums”. At 180 Drums, the instrument of drums are exemplified with hundreds of video lessons tailored to all skill levels along with a community of drummers (the 180 family) that support each other and help push each other to the next level.

Currently Steve is touring with PHX Series drums and custom HexRackII, and he uses Yamaha DTX electronics to trigger samples. Check out these drums and sizes for a shortcut to a great rock sound.

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Steve Augustine's Gear
Steve Augustine

Gear List

PHX Series PHXB-2218AR - 22x18 bass drum PHXT-1008A - 10x8 tom PHXT-1309A – 13x9 tom PHXF-1615A – 16x15 floor tom 14x6.5 custom maple snare drum