Scot Coogan

Scot Coogan's Biography

A Chicago Native, Scot Coogan has performed with such artists as Ace Frehley, Blue Man Group, Nikki Sixx's Brides of Destruction, Sinead O’Connor, Bret Michaels, and many more.

Scot was introduced to Yamaha through Stryper drummer and Yamaha Artist Robert Sweet. While talking drums at a festival, Robert encouraged Scot to check out Yamaha Drums. 

Scot selected a Raven Black Stage Custom Birch kit with Silver Sparkle bass drum hoops and an Absolute Hybrid Maple snare to be his road kit.

Scot is a graduate of the Musicians Institute, and in addition to his session and touring resume, he has served as Music Director and Rock Star Counselor at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas, which allows Campers of all ages and skills to receive master class lessons from professional musicians like Scot, as well as interact with stars such as The Who's Roger Daltrey,The Eagles' Joe Walsh, and many more.

Scot Coogan's Gear
Scot Coogan

Gear List

STAGE CUSTOM BIRCH/ Raven Black finish
  12x8 TT
  16x15 FT
  18x16 FT
  24X17 BD
  ABSOLUTE HYBRID MAPLE SD/ Silver Sparkle finish