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Robert Molina is a Venezuelan musician based in Miami, FL and born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Robert sparked his interest in music thanks to a native Venezuelan instrument called “cuatro.” During his time in elementary school, he was involved in all artistic activities. His outstanding music performance made him play on most important theaters in the city. At age of 10, he joined the school band and toured across Venezuelan states, performing in several music festivals. At age of 13, Robert formerly began his music career, taking music lessons and joining the band of the church he attended.

In 2011, Robert travels to Málaga, Spain to pursue his masters’ degree in music production. After his graduation, he receives an offer he couldn’t refuse. Chino & Nacho, one of the most iconic and popular artists in Latin America, invites him to join the band in the keyboards.

Robert Molina or better known as Robi has played with top Latin artists such as Los Cadillacs, Victor Muñoz, Victor Drija, Jose Alberto El Canario, Fanny Lu, Mermelada Bunch, and the Puerto Rican Christian singer Samuel Hernandez, among others. Robi has played a major role as a producer, arranger, and recording engineer working in the studio with renowned Latin artists such as Chino & Nacho, SURÁ, and Alfred Gomez Jr., among others.

Robi currently tours with Latin superstars Chino & Nacho who have received international recognition and several awards such as the Latin Grammys, Latin Billboards, and Premios Lo Nuestro, among others.

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