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Richard Devine's Biography

Richard Devine is at the cutting edge of sound design and musical composition. During the past three years, Richard has remixed top Warp artists like Aphex Twin and Mike Patton (Faith No More). He has released four full-length albums on Schematic, Warp, Asphodel, and Sublight records and has performed his own ear-tearing music mayhem worldwide. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Richard has done film score work for Touchstone Pictures (with John Hues & Kyle Cooper), Wieden & Kennedy, BT, and AKQA Inc. He has done sound angling/programming for Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, composed and designed commercials for the Nike Shoe Company, and worked with various companies doing sound design for Scion, Land Rover, Dodge, Audi, LG, Ford, HBO, Spike and Time Warner Television network, and XBOX (Halo2 for Microsoft Gamming Division). He is currently working with Sony Play station PS3 (Infected) for Dawn of the Dead, and he has also recently completed all the sound design for the new XBOX360.

In conjunction with TV and film work Richard also has done programming and sound design work with major audio companies with his work featured on new software and hardware titles from many innovative companies.

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Richard Devine

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DM2000 DX-100 TX81Z