"The Gift" receives additional recognition winning a Summit Award and four Hermes Awards

NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 22, 2015 Yamaha Entertainment Group of America is pleased to announce its short film "The Gift" has received nine awards to date.

Most recently the video earned a Gold Award at the Summit Creative Awards for outstanding corporate image and public relations video content. In addition, the short film received four Platinum Awards at the Hermes Creative Awards for exceptional web video, corporate image, public relations and original music in a video.

Yamaha Entertainment Group was tasked with creating a short film to represent the Yamaha brand in the fall of 2014. Chris Gero, founder and vice president of Yamaha Entertainment Group, wrote, scored, produced and directed "The Gift," which debuted on Yamaha Corporation of America's Faceboook page on February 25, 2015 receiving over 170K views. The underlying nostalgic tones of the video encourage giving the gift of music.

"As music is a passion for many, our goal was to instill the theme of generosity through the gift of music," said Gero. "Yamaha not only develops quality instruments that are used for generations, but we also foster everlasting relationships."

A complete list of awards include:

Summit Creative Awards

2015 Gold Award: "The Gift"
Corporate Image/ Public Relations Video


Hermes Creative Awards

2015 Platinum Award: "The Gift"
Web Element – Video for the Web

2015 Platinum Award: "The Gift"
Video – Corporate Image

2015 Platinum Award: "The Gift"
Video – Public Relations

2015 Platinum Award: "The Gift"
Video – Original Music


Telly Awards

2015 Silver Award: "The Gift"
Online Video – Online Commercial – Use of Original Music

2015 Silver Award: "The Gift"
Online Video – Branded Content & Entertainment – Promotional Branding

2015 Bronze Award: "The Gift"
Online Video – Editing


Golden Awards of Montreux

2015 Gold Medal for "The Gift"
Music in Corporate Film