Neal Doughty

Neal Doughty's Biography

Since REO Speedwagon was formed in 1971, one band member has remained the same: Neal Doughty. It makes sense that the man who thought of the name for the band and co-founded it with University of Illinois dorm mate Alan Gratzer would stick around, since REO Speedwagon changed his life from what he had originally planned for it to be.

Neal's initial career goals had been to work in the engineering field, a plan that was derailed when he wound up being one of the founders of a very successful rock band. Neal has toured and recorded with REO Speedwagon continuously for nearly 40 years. He has played Yamaha keyboards both onstage and in the studio, being one of the first to use the groundbreaking DX7, one of the most popular digital synthesizers ever produced.

The band's 2007 album Find Your Own Way Home uses a Yamaha digital piano throughout, and the onstage piano for their 2007 World Tour is an S90ES. Neal and the band plan to continue touring the world, with no retirement date in sight.