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Nate Harasim's Biography

In 2010 Nate joined the Trippin N Rhythm Records (Sony BMG) Empire under the direction of CEO/Founder Les Cutmore and VP Jeff Lunt. Upon signing the deal, project "Rush" began to take shape and pre production began for Harasim's first quarter 2011 release. Special guests include Maxine Hardcastle, Darren Rahn, Steve Oliver and Frank Selman amongst many other hot tracking musicians like Mel Brown and Matt Godina.

In the years prior to signing with TNR, Nate's live performance credits included playing with Norman Brown, Wayman Tisdale, Pamela Williams, Boney James and Darren Rahn, just to name a few. After meeting Rahn, Nate found he had a passion for not only performing live but for writing and producing music. He started to work closely with Rahn, Mel Brown and Frank Selman to further develop his sound.

In the summer of 2010 Nate received his first #1 Billboard hit titled "Fun In The Sun" on a co-production with guitarist Steve Oliver. Later in the year, Nate was asked to co-write the track "When Will I Know For Sure" with Dave Koz on his new album Hello Tomorrow.

Nate Harasim's Gear
Nate Harasim

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Motif XF8 Motif ES7 KX8 Controller CS6X S90 Cubase 5 Wave Lab MR816X Interface