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Since the release of 2000 Years of Human Error on Posthuman Records in January 2001, Godhead has been steadily building their fan base and emerging as an international rock act. With the July 15, 2003 release of the long awaited follow-up Evolver on Reality Entertainment, the band evolves into the total sum of all their parts.

"One of the first things that we all noticed was how far we've come with the songs", says frontman, Jason C. Miller. "We really had the time we needed to write the kind of material that we were always striving for" says Miller.

After supporting 2000 Years by touring extensively with Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Static-X, Mudvayne, and Rammstein as well as performing at Ozzfest 2001, the band welcomed coming off the road to dig into writing songs like, "Just Like You", "The Hate in Me", and "Far Too Long" for Evolver.

"We were able to take all the experiences of the last two years of total madness and chaos and actually channel them into sounds and songs that express the feeling behind each one" says bassist and programmer Method. "For instance, on the breakdown in 'The Hate in Me', you can actually feel the intense release of anger and frustration that people bottle up because they can't stomach their existence, or on the song 'Dream' which is meant to focus on the fact that you can perserver, I think you can really get that feeling from the song".

Formed in Washington, D.C. in the early 90's, Godhead was signed to Marlboro Music and had two successful European releases in 1994 and in 1995 followed by their first US release Nothingness in 1996 and Power Tool Stigmata in 1998. but it wasn't until 2001 that Godhead broke out in the US. After years of hard work and determination, MTV and radio stations across the country were playing "Eleanor Rigby" and "The Reckoning" both from 2000 Years of Human Error.

The band would play in front of over 3 million people world wide in the next two years and appear on three major motion picture soundtracks, The Blair Witch Project, Dracula 2000 and the gold selling Queen of The Damned. "We've come a long way from the garage" says Mike Miller, whose guitar playing on Evolver ranges in influence from David Gilmore to Metallica. "When you put all of us together it comes out Godhead, and with Tom Z now on drums (ex- Bile) it's the best the band has ever sounded together."

Evolver is an epic roller coaster of songs that pulls you in with emotion and rages with intensity from beginning to end. Guest appearances on Evolver include Wayne Static (Static-X) and Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, The Cure). "I've always loved the guys and when I first heard the song "Deconstruct", I said I have to play on that one!" says Gabrels. "Reeves guitar stylings definitely add a certain psychological aspect to that song" says method. "We all can't wait to play these songs live" adds Jason C. Miller with a confidence that is hard not get affected by.

The interludes between the songs set up the mood and also tie the whole concept of Evolver together. The album is powerful and seems to express the journey of a band up to the apex of their career. "Godhead has survived through many trends and fads but I think one thing has always been a constant with us is solid songwriting, if you don't have that base of solid songs, the rest doesn't matter and there's no where to go," adds Miller.

Constantly evolving as a band, Godhead has always released high quality material and Evolver is the culmination of years of working and growing together. With their incredible experiences of the last two and a half years in the spotlight, Godhead now returns with an album that will enlighten fans and surprise critics. Evolver is a true landmark for Godhead, announcing that they have arrived and are here to stay.

Miller adds, "We wanted to make a great record that would be more like an experience in the spirit of Pink Floyd or David Bowie and I think we accomplished that in our own way."

Mike Miller