Michael Bland

Michael Bland's Biography

Minneapolis native, Michael Bland, like so many other outstanding drummers, started taking piano lessons at age 6 due to the direction of his musical mother and sisters. One year later he began taking lessons on the baritone horn, but fortunately, drums entered his life at 9. As his drum playing progressed he joined his church's band.

Around age 14, Michael decided to take drums seriously, and his practice and dedication paid off when two years later he won the "Twin Cities" Best Drummer contest. After the contest, local musicians took notice and he began playing with Hiram Bullock. A few years have passed and we find him in the drum chair gigging with Dr. Mambo's Combo in a local club where the budding Twin Cities "soon to be stars" performed. Enter another Minneapolis artist, Prince. After hearing Michael's percussion work, Prince asked him to join the New Power Generation. Michael was 19 and on his way.

Michael performed with Prince for 7 years, followed by a tour in 1996 with Paul Westerberg. After a Chaka Khan tour in 1997, he recorded and toured with Maxwell from 1998 - 2000, as well as other artists such as George Benson, Howard Hewitt, Evan and Jaron, Dionne Farris, and Phil Upchurch.

Minneapolis is still his home where he continues to play with local artists, plus the Legendary Combo at Bunkers. He also collaborates with Tommy Barbarella, Sonny Thompson, Jef Lee Johnson, and Julius Collins in his progressive Gospel group, Sons of Almighty.

"Michael Bland Discography"

CPR (David Crosby)
France Gail "Live at the Olympia 1996"
Luis Salinas "Salinas"
George Benson "That's Right"
Paul Westerberg "Eventually"
Ricky Peterson "A Tear Can Tell"
Ricky Peterson "Smile Blue"
Phil Upchurch "Winds Of Change"
Phil Upchurch "Whatever Happened to the Blues"
Tevin Campbell "I'm Ready"
Rosie Gaines "Closer than Close"
Mavis Staples "The Voice"
Elisa Fiorillo "I Am"
Various Artists "1-800-new-funk"

With Prince
Crystal Ball
Chaos and Disorder
The Gold Experience

W/ Prince and the New Power Generation
3 Chains O'Gold
Diamonds and Pearls

Motion Picture Soundtrack "Girl 6"

"Michael Bland Tours"
Maxwell Embrya Tour 1998
Giorgia Mangio Troppa Cloccolata Tour 1997
Chaka Khan Epiphany Tour 1887
France Gail Tour 1996
Paul Westerberg Eventually Tour 1996
The Artist formerly known as Prince The Gold Experience Tour 1995-96
Prince and the New Power Generation Act II Tour 1993
Prince and the New Power Generation Act I Tour 1993
Prince and the New Power Generation Diamonds and Pearls Tour 1992
Prince The Nude Tour 1990
Hiram Bullock Tour 1987

Michael Bland's Gear
Michael Bland

Gear List

Absolute BirchSD-455MK 14" x 5.5"Manu Katche Sig. SeriesBBD-1122 22" x 16"BTT-1112J 12" x 8"BFT-1116 16" x 16" CS-845 Cymbal Stand (4x)DS-1100 Drum StoolFP-9310 Single Foot PedalHS-950 Hi-hat StandSS-940 StandTH-945 Double Holder