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Matt Booth's Biography

Bassist Matt Booth picked up the Saxophone at an early age, on this instrument he first discovered his connection to music. Soon after he picked up strings. The Sax turned to Guitar and the guitar eventually led him home to the bass, which we all know today as his weapon of choice.

His musical influences range from modern rock to hardcore and metal, to classical and funk. Groups such as TOOL, Parliament-Funkadelic and Cream are at the top of his list.

Favorite Bassists: Larry Graham, Vail Johnson, Marcus Miller, Les Claypool, Wayne Lothian, Keith "YONI" Yon, and Yamaha's own Robertino "PAG" Pagliari.

Matt has played and recorded with a handful of LA based groups such as Radio Free America, Every Waking Moment, Blackcast, and most recently CHOCOLATE COVERED WORLD. he continues to add to his resume constantly, and takes every opportunity to collaborate with other artists, continuously broadening his playing style and adaptability.

Matt is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and Performing Arts.

Matt Booth's Gear
Matt Booth

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Custom Yamaha BB Basses