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Since the beginning of time the art of communication and time keeping has been based around the drums. Some choose the art, others are chosen. Slam believes he was chosen. Slam first picked up the sticks at age 15, which is considered late. Due to the fact that he was raised in Baltimore Maryland, music was prevalent in every direction he looked. With close personal influences such as Dennis Chambers, Larry Bright, Bobby Ward, and Scott Peika to name a few, he realized that the job ahead of him as a drummer was far more challenging than to be expected.

Slam attended Frederick Douglass High School, notorious for its output of "dangerously nasty" musicians. In high school he became known on the jazz scene as a very aggressive player. Playing nightclubs and doing his homework on the breaks didn't matter to him. He was chosen. Because of his acceleration in high school, he was picked to attend "The Peabody Conservatory of Music" for a work study program. At the time he was very upset that the instructor didn't teach him the art of the drum set, but now realizes that they saw his hunger for the set would feed itself, and that their intent was to broaden his orchestral and melodic abilities.

He was also picked to be the drummer for "The Theater Project". A circus that went around and played free summer concerts for all the kids, in all the parks in Maryland. There he learned the importance of watching others while playing, and accenting against the beat of what was on paper. Slam has one of the hardest "Snare Smacks" around, which makes for a fat solid pocket. Never satisfied, Slam is determined to broaden his pocket beyond belief. "I realize that I can be the fastest, and kick the phatest solo's out there, but if you don't have a pocket, you don't have a gig" says Slam. "I'm in the ultimate pursuit of deep pocket". Now you know a little about the one who calls himself "Slam-G's" Go in Peace.

Frederick Douglass High – Baltimore, Md. – Music Major
Peabody Conservatory – Baltimore, Md. – Music Work Study
St. Augustine's College – Raleigh, NC. – Music Education

Juicy – Arista Records
T.O.J. – Overall Records
Heaven Bound – Black Label Records
Clifton Davis – Actor, Preacher, Singer from T.V. Shows "That's My Mamma" and "Amen"
Radiant – CBS, Columbia Records
Frank Potenza – TBA Records
Cleopatra – Maverick Records
Britney Spears – Jive Records Hit Me Tour 1999 as a Drummer
Oops Tour 2000 as Tour MC and Drummer Tyrese – Jive Records

T.O.J. – Jazzmosphere
Heaven Bound – Bright Crown

Teddy Pendergrass's Joy Album: "2AM"
"Through the Fallen Rain"
"Can We Be Lovers"

Cleopatra in Concert – The Disney Channel Music Director / Drummer
Tyrese - Disney Summer Jam – NBC
Britney Spears – Numerous times on:
The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno
The Rosie O'Donnell Show
Late Night w/ David Letterman
Good Morning America
The Today Show
The View
Saturday Night Live
Teen Choice Awards
The Grammy's
And Numerous Disney Specials

Textron's Employee Motivational Film
Mountain Climber

Functions for President Carter
Functions for President Bush
Functions for President Reagan
Functions for Jesse Jackson
Numerous Kennedy Family Weddings

Marvin Hammett's Gear
Marvin Hammett

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Absolute BeechWSD-0147 14"x7"WBD-1122 22"x16" WTT-1108 8"x8"WTT-1110 10"x9"WTT-1112 12"x10"WFT-1114 14"x14" WFT-1116 16"x16"