Laura Bryant

Laura Bryant's Biography

Laura Ariela Bryant, a world-renowned recording artist and educator, continues to inspire through philanthropic education programs and performance.

Named the flute player with the "most soulful tone," Laura has performed and recorded with Dave Weckl, Kiko Cibrian, Kai Eckhardt, Karl Perazzo (Santana), Nelson and Wayne Braxton (The Braxton Brothers), Alphonse Mouzon, David Sanborn and Brandon Fields. She has sold thousands of her CDs around the world. Laura's CD Angel Island was featured in the book Coma Life by Dr. Richard Darling when he stated that "her flute music helped save my life during a very dangerous operation…a testimonial to the healing power of her music."

Laura established From The Heart Music in 1991 and continues to teach hundreds of students each year. The program was developed for students who do not have the resources or opportunity to learn instrumental music. Laura has brought her program to neighborhoods that now enjoy the experience of playing Yamaha Recorders!

Laura's dual recorder technique continues to entertain and inspire young audiences and the young at heart.

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Laura Bryant