Jon Dowling

Jon Dowling's Biography

A performer since age five and professionally since the age of sixteen, drumming and music has always been in Jon Dowling's blood. A proud endorser of Yamaha Drums since 1992 and a Berklee College Graduate, Jon has toured, recorded and performed with the likes of Michel Camilo, Bruce Hornsby, Lanny Isis, Toto and many more artists. In addition Jon has been a teacher and master class educator during his career. Now focusing on his own band and original music (Jon Dowling & The Experience) Jon happily lives in Los Angeles working to make his own stamp within the industry and the Hot Adult Contemporary Music scene for many years to come.

Jon has been influenced by many drummers, along which include fellow Yamaha artists and teachers Larry Levine and Dave Weckl, both of which taught Jon versatility in a broad range of styles, all of which have served Jon well over the course of his life. Jon has been called to do many types of sessions, but he is particularly known for his Pop/Rock mixed with Latin/Afro Cuban flair, most evident during his time performing with the Syotos Band, the main supporting band for Tito Puente for many years.

Jon Dowling's Gear
Jon Dowling

Gear List

Yamaha Phoenix Drums - Garnet Fade Ash
Hex Rack PHXT-1007A PHXT-1208A PHXT-1309A PHXF-1413A PHXF-1615A PHXF-1615A
5x14 Hybrid Snare
Yamaha Recording Custom - Piano Black & Cherry Wood
TT-908Y TT-910YJ TT-912YJ TT-913YJ FT-914Y TT-916Y BD-922YT 14x5.5 snare
Yamaha DTX 900 Series Dave Weckl Signature Snare 5x13 Maple Custom Absolute with Nouveau lugs- 5x14