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His first commercial effort was in a band he put together called Mindrage. He pulled double-duty as lead vocalist and lead guitarist. In June of 1998, they recorded the album Sown In Weakness, Raised In Power.

Some time later, John joined forces with the guitarist for Living Sacrafice, Rocky Gray, and together created a band called Kill System. The Kill System project has still had no official distribution deal, but the time may come when John & Rocky still move forward with it. Kill System is much more melodic than John's other heavy metal efforts which make this a big fan favorite.

LeCompt joined Rocky one more time with the band he played lead guitar for called Soul Embraced. LeCompt is the featured vocalist on the song "Seems Like Forever" on the 2003 album Immune.

After Wind-Up Records signed Evanescence, they turned to some old friends from Little Rock to fill out the spots in the band for when they began to tour. LeCompt joined as the second guitarist and Rocky joined as the drummer. On Ev's major label debut Fallen, LeCompt even had part in writing the song "Taking Over Me". And the duet "Bring Me To Life" on Fallen was with Paul McCoy from the 12 Stones, but ever since that time, LeCompt has performed the vocal parts on "Bring Me To Life" giving the song an edge you can trace right back to his roots in the Little Rock metal scene.

John LeCompt

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