Jim Daneker

Jim Daneker's Biography

Jim started playing piano at the age of 8 in both church and school settings, and he started playing professionally while in high school. After a few years touring regionally and doing some technical and production work, Jim moved from Allentown, PA to Nashville, TN to pursue music full-time.

After a relatively short few months of "paying his dues," Jim was hired by Christian music's top pop artist, Michael W. Smith, as keyboard tech/programmer for Michael's 60-city "I'll Lead You Home" tour in 1996. Thankfully Jim was asked back, but this time as Michael's keyboard player in addition to being the keyboard tech/programmer.

Jim has since toured and recorded with Michael and many other well-known artists. He has been involved in a wide variety of other projects, from feature film scores and trailers to indie records, modern pop/rock projects and general music-for-hire.

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