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Jay Skowronek's Biography

Jay owes most of his drumming chops to his parents, not for their musical abilities so much as their coping abilities - although his mom played clarinet and his dad wanted to play drums (but wasn't allowed by his dad), his folks would let him stay up late into the night jamming with musician friends in their Connecticut basement.

At the age of 7, Jay's attention was forever captured by the thunderous, tribal dual drumming on the Adam & The Ants' record Kings of the Wild Frontier. Sensing a budding interest, his dad bought him a used kit, and the mark was made.

Jay found his mentor and teacher in Patti Coppola, of East Haven, Connecticut, whose exceptional teaching abilities inspired Jay to new levels of drumming. Patti instructed Jay from the age of 12 until the age of 18, making sure to expand his young mind as well as his musical palate (exposing him to bands like The J.B.'s, The Who, and Average White Band).

After the completion of a film degree and several U.S. tours with his first bona fide touring band, Boston-based Three Against Four, Jay packed up his drum kit and moved west to Los Angeles. He was a founding member of Maxeen, which formed in 2002. The band, catalyzed by Jay's energetic, uptempoed straightforward rock style, created an instant buzz and got signed only after its 11th show. They were fortunate enough to share stages around the world with the likes of X, The Living End, Maroon 5, Blink 182, Modest Mouse, Bad Religion, Flogging Molly and countless other diverse acts.

Jay is currently playing drums for the explosive LA-based rock quartet The Good Hour and he has great expectations. Check out their latest e.p. here.

Jay Skowronek's Gear
Jay Skowronek

Gear List

Absolute Birch NouveauBBD-1522T 22" x 18"BTT-1510 10" x 9"BFT-1514 14" x 14"BFT-1516 16" x 16"BSD-0545 14" x 5.5"