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In Hebrew, the word that means "life" and is used to celebrate the indomitable human spirit is hyim. Hyim is also the first name of Yamaha singer, songwriter, pianist, poet and freedom fighter, Hyim.

Hyim who performs on Motif 8 and Motif 6 keyboards while onstage and touring the country, has traveled all over and incorporated music from around the world into his own style. Hyim has become a fan favorite with his unique musical blend, which he calls "urban worldbeat," of reggae, calypso, jazz, blues, classical and hip-hop.

Hyim was born in San Francisco, Cal., and raised in Oakland. His parents were both into music of various backgrounds that influenced Hyim from an early age. His family encouraged him to pursue music since he was old enough to talk and sing. He was playing the piano at three.

"My biological father was a pianist who played ragtime and country, and my mom was into classical and folk," said Hyim. "My stepdad was definitely into jazz."

Hyim discovered his own favorite type of music in urban hip-hop. "From an early age, like fourth grade, I was listening to hip-hop," said Hyim. "I started making beats at 12 or 13, and that's also when I started recording."

After high school, Hyim traveled around the world and produced small-time hip-hop projects and dance companies. Hyim also enrolled in the music department at Cal State Hayward after his worldly wanderings. Since college, Hyim took sitar lessons in India, played piano in Havana, Cuba (where he was taught by Cuban master Irvin Ferreiro Alfonso).

Hyim has produced three albums, including his own debut album, "Let Out a Little Peace." He also formed the band, Hyim & the Fat Foakland Orchestra. The band features Hyim as the singer/keyboardist and also features drummer Michael Faiella (Wyclef Jean), bassist Mark Calderon (Leo Nocentelli of "The Meters"), and percussionist Ajayi Jackson (Omar Sosa).

Hyim & the Fat Foakland Orchestra were nominees for the California Music Awards in 2004. They were also performers at the San Francisco Weekly Music Awards 2004. Hyim releases his sophomore CD, Hyim & the Fat Foakland Orchestra in mid-April 2005.

Hyim also teaches peace to teens, yoga, meditation and self-defense. He is planning a one-man musical, "Musings of the Beast." The musical is based on one of the songs off of his album. Hyim is now performing, producing and recording on his Yamaha Motif 8 while in the studio and performing on his Yamaha Motif 6 while on tour.

For more information on Hyim, check out his website at  www.hyimvibe.com.

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