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Donald Tardy's Biography

Yamaha Artist Donald Tardy is the founder of the legendary Florida Death Metal band Obituary which was formed in 1984 under their original name Executioner. 

Their debut Album Slowly We Rot was released in 1988 and immediately gained worldwide respect for their unique sound, Donald's solid, mid-tempo drum style and his brother's unmatched vocals and is still considered as one of the records that helped start the death metal scene and movement. Shortly after the recording the band purchased Donald's first "real" drumkit and when given the chance he immediately order a black Yamaha Recording Custom series kit modeled after Tommy Aldridge's kit during his years with Ozzy. 

Their follow up release Cause of Death was released in 1990 and is still revered as one the best death metal albums of its time and launched the band's popularity into a worldwide spotlight and put them on the road and a worldwide tour. 

Their third album "The End Complete" showcased Donald's progression as a true monster behind the kit and the band's song writing stepped up to an even higher level which earned this 1992 release as RoadRunner Records' biggest selling album at that time. 

Donald credits his style from key influences in John Bonham, Tommy Aldridge, Vinnie Appice and Mickey D. 

Quote: "Bonham showed me at an early age that power was in controlled delivery and that solid drumming was so much more impressive than speed. Aldridge with Pat Travers and Ozzy and Mickey Dee on the King Diamond albums both made me strive for perfection in match the music with the perfect drum beats to help make them go from good to great without doing too much and Vinnie Appice on ALL Dio albums show me the light that once again mid-tempo, calm, solid drum beats and fills to bring out the best in a song and album. Holy Diver is still my favorite album on the planet and one I still warm up to before every Obituary show."

Donald and Obituary have proved longevity by staying true to what they do well, staying a close knit family and having fun with every studio session and live performance. 

Donald Tardy's Gear
Donald Tardy

Gear List

22X17 bd x 2 12x9 tt 13x10 tt 15x14 ft 16x15 ft 14x6 sd
FP-9500C x2 HS-1200T SS-950 CS-865 x 6