David Paich

David Paich's Biography

David Paich began studying music at the age of 8 under the guidance of his father, the legendary composer Marty Paich. He studied piano throughout high school with Sheldon Steinberg. For college, he attended USC as a musical composition major. He also studied privately with George Tremblay.

David, along with his partner, Jeff Porcaro, started the band Toto in 1977. With the band, he has produced chart topping and award winning hit songs such as "Africa," "Hold the Line," "Georgy Porgy," and "Rosanna." Currently, Toto has sold over 30 million records.

In addition, David has also written numerous famous musical pieces outside of Toto. Jerry Goldsmith called him to produce and arrange the end title to First Blood, starring Sly Stallone. Marilyn and Alan Bergman called David to produce the opening title music for the movie Shirley Valentine. He wrote and produced Moodido, the music for the 23rd Olympiad. He also composed the soundtrack for the 1983 movie Dune, directed by David Lynch, and the main and end title music for Black Rain, for Ridley Scott and Hans Zimmer. Since then he has been involved as composer/orchestrator for such movies as XXX, Metro and this year's PBS special on JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. His song "To Be Real" was also included on the recent hit movie Shark Tale.

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