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Darryl C. Thompson is an accomplished educator and musician who began perfecting his craft at the age of eight. Upon completion of high school, Darryl studied at the American Conservatory of Music before attending Mount Senario College (Wisconsin) where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Education with an emphasis on instrumental music.

Darryl began his tenure as a music educator in 1977. Throughout his tenure, he has had the privilege of teaching in Chicago Public Schools as well as a myriad of suburban public school systems. He also has taught on college assignments, worked with an award-winning children's gospel choir and has provided private musical instruction to hundreds of trumpet students. Darryl's teaching style focuses on establishing a basic understanding of music fundamentals and developing a systematic approach to practice, which makes musical methods both fun and beneficial. As a result, his students have received first place ratings in statewide music competitions, and he has been instrumental in the education of emerging musicians both young and old.

In addition to his work as an educator, in 1980, Darryl became the lead trumpet player and section leader for the Tyrone Davis Revue, a position he held until Mr. Davis' death in 2005. With a musical resume that includes performances in Africa, Japan, France, Poland and Italy, he has become a well-known international talent and has been afforded the opportunity to work with many rhythm and blues artists all over the world. Darryl has also participated in numerous recording sessions, television appearances, video productions and radio programs.

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