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Born and raised in Hanna, Alberta, Chad started Nickelback with brother Mike and friend Ryan Peake in 1996. They started off only doing covers of other bands songs, but Chad's desire to write his own songs led to establishing a name for themselves in the music industry.

In 1997, Nickelback released their debut album, Curb, which led them to tour all over Vancouver performing in local gigs in hopes of their big break.

Two years later from their second album debuted and the single, "Leader of Men" popped up in Canada's top-twenty spot and pushed record labels to notice the talent behind the band. After touring Canada with bands Creed, Everclear and Silverchair, Nickelback was determined to top the charts in the U.S.

In 2001, Nickelback released their third album, Silver Side Up, with their first single "How You Remind Me." The song exceeded their expectations by topping the music charts across North America, even hitting the number one spot on both the U.S. and Canada's rock charts. The song earned four Grammy Award nominations, four Billboard Awards and was the #1 Most played song of 2002.

By 2003 success was no stranger to Chad Kroeger as he received 3 Grammy nominations for his solo work on the song "Hero" for the movie Spider-Man. In that same year Nickelback came out with their third hit album, The Long Road, selling 5 million copies world-wide. In 2004, after touring all over the globe and pushing their third album, Nickelback jumped right back into the studio to start on their more personal fourth album, All The Right Reasons.

All The Right Reasons mirrors the growth and confidence in their ability to capture the audience's attention. The highly successful single "Photograph" strongly measures up to their biggest hit of 2002, "How You Remind Me." This fourth album confirms Nickelback's achievement and leaves the audience craving for more.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Chad Kroeger says he expresses his emotions and life experience through his music. Often compared to and known as Kurt Cobain of the 21st century, he refers to the songs he writes as stories in which he himself is the story teller, as well as the main character.

Chad's lyrics are habitually based off a trip down memory lane. The reality of the experiences in his life allows him to articulate the inner nature of the characters in his songs. The honesty and sincerity behind these lyrics are a clear reflection of his genuine love for music. Kroeger says, "The most important reason is to make music because you love it. And I think that's why we spend so much time on it…"

Chad Kroeger

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