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Handsome French Canadian Ben Dussault not only plays drums for Throwdown, he delivers a performance that is every bit as pivotal to the band's stage presence as their lead singer.

Metal Hammer magazine wrote, "Throwdown effortlessly kick out the heaviest and most stomping metal this side of Texas. Proudly and defiantly keeping the memory (and sound) of Pantera alive and kicking!" Ben's role in that? Huge.

Rising from the underground of the Orange County hardcore scene, with a recipe of Machine Head, Sepultura and early Metallica, Throwdown made their mark with "Haymaker" shortly before Ben joined the band for their stint on Ozzfest 2004. Vendetta, his first album with the band, was released just as the band set out on the inaugural Sounds Of The Underground in 2005. This year they performed select dates on Strhess Tour and Warped Tour.

The band has toured the US, Japan, Australia and all over Europe with such bands as Soulfly, Lamb Of God, Fear Factory, As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean and Hatebreed. Revolver called them part of "The Future Of Metal." The first single from Vendetta, "Burn," is featured on MTV2's "Headbanger's Ball: The Revenge."

The next Pantera? Well, that's what the press, and the fans, have said over and over. But Ben and the boys in the band are merely content to roll up their sleeves and put the hours in the practice room, in the studio, and in the van, that this kind of music demands. And the fans have responded to their passion and honesty, showing up in droves to their 2006 co-headlining tour with Black Dahlia Murder and beyond.

Ben Dussault

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