Aslyn's Biography

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade or in Yamaha pianist, Aslyn's, case, make a hit album. Singer/songwriter Aslyn began playing the piano when she was only seven in her hometown of Gainesville, Florida. She studied classical piano at first, performing for churches, weddings, school and pretty much anywhere else where there was a stage and an audience. When she graduated from high school, Aslyn decided to leave home in pursuit of her dream of becoming a successful musician. She landed in Atlanta and never looked back.

Aslyn's first album Lemon Love has several special meanings in the title alone that are close to her heart and her personal experiences. The title of the debut album came from Aslyn's own revelations about her love life and her uncanny ability to always choose a lemon at the car lot. Like her album, she has a light, fun side and also a deeply emotional side that translates her own heartbreaks, experience and dreams in her music.

Aslyn describes her songs and album as "stories of love found and love lost, of loyalty ruined and masks mistaken, of the ironic freedom and glass box of religion and of the desire and passion for an unknown tomorrow."

Luckily for avid listeners, Aslyn has moved past her love trials and remained dedicated to her musical talents. Her music was influenced by the sounds of Queen, Coldplay, The Corrs, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles. In 2002, Aslyn traveled to Los Angeles to play for several labels. She was immediately offered a deal with Capitol records and began recording with Guy Chambers (who also worked with Robbie Williams) and Eric Valentine (Queens of the Stone Age and Third Eye Blind).

Aslyn continues her relentless pursuit in her musical journey. She writes and records all the time. She has toured with Gavin Degraw and Marc Broussard.

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