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Chris Dalley's Biography

Chris Dalley is the current drummer for The Implants. The band was dubbed by the press as the new “super group” from Southern California.

The Implants began with 5 friends who played shows together in their respective bands (Strung Out, Pulley, Death by Stereo, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Ten Foot Pole). They formed a new group as an outlet to release what everyone had been screaming for …something new.

The collaboration began in 2011, as each member jumped on board with their unique mark that would bring life to their music. Their yet to be named debut album currently sits in the hands of the legendary producer Ryan Greene.

The Implants are writing and playing music on their own terms, infusing different styles that defy being classified into any specific genre. The Implants have built a strong presence through social media, radio and press interviews, and several sold-out shows.

Born in Covina, California, Dalley started playing the drums when he was 5 years old, winning competitions until he started playing with several bands such as Lightweight, Homewrecker, and Zero Down with Jim Cherry (founding member of Strung Out). Dalley joined Ten Foot Pole in 2004. In September 2006, Dalley was asked to join Death by Stereo.

Recognized as a "Pedigree" Punk Drummer that takes no prisoners, he still tours with Ten Foot Pole when his schedule allows and is best known as the relentless, full throttle, intense, double bass drummer for the hardcore band Death by Stereo (2006-2009) and Voodoo Glow Skulls (2009-2012)

Dalley recorded all 16 tracks for the Death by Stereo CD "Death is My Only Friend" in a mere 8 hours, and has earned a reputation as the "go to drummer" for bands in emergency situations because of his ability to learn entire sets in one day. Zebrahead recruited Dalley to start their 2008 tour in Europe with one day’s notice when drummer Ed Udhus injured his leg right before the tour. He also filled in on several songs for Jordon Burns of Strung Out when recording obligations prevented him from starting the 2009 Strung Out/Death by Stereo tour of Canada and the US, playing with both bands. Dalley also played back-to-back sets at the Rio Rocks Festival in Belgium (2009) with Death by Stereo and Ten Foot Pole.

With several tours of the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and South America under his belt, he has fans around the globe that continue to wait to see what he will do next.

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