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Sebastien Schultz, drummer for Cincinnati-based duo Bad Veins, thrives on patience. And not only behind his kit.

The son of French and American parents, Sebastien began playing the piano at age four in England; lessons he believes laid the foundation upon which his musical aspirations - and abilities - have grown. After a move to Dayton, OH two years later, his love of music, combined with his parents' encouragement, eventually led him to play percussion instruments in concert bands throughout his secondary school years.

It was during those times when he tapped into the alternative rock scene of the 1990s, devouring a seemingly endless supply of The Pixies, Sex Pistols, Built to Spill, and Radiohead among many others. Playing drums would soon become the clock by which his life kept time.

Sebastien sought to broaden his career and playing opportunities while he was enrolled in the College of Business Honors-PLUS program at University of Cincinnati. His plan was to work in the music industry, "Not as a member of a band, but as someone who works for a company such as Yamaha-or even at a record label." The realization that he could play music for a living would need more time to surface.

His plan changed quicker than expected after he began drumming exclusively for a band called Cathedrals that showed promise. The band was in the lineup for their first Lollapalooza, but disbanded before setting out on tour. This left Sebastien yearning for more.

Brimming with confidence and desire, he met other musicians who valued his talent and energy. It wasn't until a mutual friend brought him together with Benjamin Davis that his dream would take shape. Their hard work and persistence early on set the stage for what has amounted to a successful start, and saw them sign their first deal with Dangerbird Records, playing everywhere from the Monolith Festival at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, to SXSW in Austin, CMJ in New York City, and the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

There's no telling how far Bad Veins will go, but if their coast-to-coast travels are a good sign, they're already on a roll. Their new album, The Mess We've Made, is available now on Modern Outsider.

Sebastien Schultz's Gear
Sebastien Schultz

Gear List

Stage Custom Birch BBD-622U 22"x17" Kick Drum BFT-616 16"x16" Floor Tom BTT-612U 12"x9" Rack Tom NSD-1470 14"x7" Loud Series Oak Snare Drum FP-9500C Pedal DS840 Throne CS-850 (x2) Cymbal Stand CS-865 Cymbal Stand - Discontinued HS850 Hi-Hat Stand SS850 Snare Stand