Nick Mason

Nick Mason's Biography

Nicholas Mason, the "Living Dead Drummer", is a professional touring and studio drummer based out of Los Angeles. He has performed on countless albums, singles and movie soundtracks, appeared in several music videos, orchestrated drum clinics, co-hosted an international music TV show, and makes regular appearances in percussion trade magazines such at DRUM! & Modern Drummer.

His credits include Street Drum Corps, Beasto Blanco, Orianthi, TUFF, Daisy DeLaHoya, Picture Me Broken, Shania Twain, Corey Feldman, TUFF, Nik West, Kevin Nealon, GLEE, MasterChef, Cartoon Network, Showtime, FOX, ABC, NIKE, Jameson Irish Whiskey, and many more.

Nick officialy endorses Yamaha Acoustic & Electronic Drums, Aquarian Drumheads, Regal Tip Drumsticks, Coffin Case, Cympad, & Cool Claws.

Nick Mason's Gear
Nick Mason

Gear List

Yamaha Live Custom Black Wood Finish 24 x 18 BD 10 x 7 TT 12 x 8 TT 16 x 15 TT 18 x 22 BD 14 x 7 BD
DFP9500C HS850 SS850 Hexrack II
DTXplorer TP65 pads