Yamaha Artist Services, Burbank

Greg Crane - Manager of Artist Relations

AR Responsibilities:
  • Acoustic and Electric Drums
Other areas of responsibility:
  • Artist Marketing
  • Artist Tour Support
  • Artist Clinic Support
  • New Artist Development
  • Product Research and Development with artists

For over forty years, Yamaha Drums have received accolades from critics the world over, and, most important, from players in all musical genres. The Yamaha logo is a guarantee of sonic excellence, design savvy, and rugged durability. It is because of the pristine product that many drummers are drawn to Yamaha, but it is the personal, family feel that sustains artist loyalty. The truth is that the Yahama family is the envy of the drum business. Most Yamaha artists have spent their entire career playing nothing but Yamaha drums. This alone speaks volumes about the product: It is a matter of mutual respect between manufacturer and artist. Indeed, many artists feel it is a privilege to play Yamaha. More importantly, Yamaha feels it is an honor that drummers willingly choose and trust Yamaha as their musical voice.

Yamaha designs and handcrafts drums expressly for drummers. Yamaha often calls upon its roster of top drum artists to help shape, tweak and fine-tune the product. The result is a drum company with an amazing product that embodies living and breathing artist input worldwide. When an artist signs with Yamaha they become a part of an elite roster. It is the mission of Yamaha Drums to enhance natural talent with the best product and most consistent support. We know that our mission rings true if our artists feel they have a meaningful voice in our family.

We receive many applications for endorsements everyday, and we find that in most cases the applicants do not really understand why a drum company endorses an artist. Before you complete the endorsement application, we would like to explain why Yamaha Drums signs an artist to our roster. We think this may help you begin to understand the philosophy behind Yamaha Drums. After all, if you are seeking an endorsement with us, you should know what we are all about.

By its basic definition, when an artist "endorses" a product, that artist fully commits and swears by that particular product. In other words, that particular product is the best and only product that the artist will use.

From a business stand point, a manufacturer endorses an artist because that artist is popular enough to influence many drum consumers. Basically, a manufacturer signs an artist, so that the buying public will be influenced to buy more of their drums. In such a deal, both parties benefit:

  • The artist receives professional drum equipment that he believes is the best product to represent his musical voice. In addition, he receives the support needed in all relative circumstances.
  • The manufacturer receives more drum sales, due to the overwhelming amount of exposure and drum fans the artist influences.

Application Process

If you have tried or currently play Yamaha instruments and know that they are your first choice of musical expression, you may consider applying for a Yamaha artist designation. It is necessary for a person to have an established career in the music industry if he or she wishes to be considered as a Yamaha artist.

Please send a promotional package to

Yamaha Artist Services Burbank
Attn: Greg Crane
733 N. Victory Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506

A promotional package should include:

  • Current CD recordings
  • Recent photo
  • Performance bio
  • Resume
  • Letter of intent including the following information:
    1. Name, address, phone number(s), fax number(s), e-mail address, and group name.
  • Do you currently play Yamaha instruments? If yes, what models/series? If no, explain why you seek endorsement.
  • What kind of music are you currently playing?
  • Are you seeking endorsement from other instrument companies? If yes, what other companies are you contacting?
  • List any other musical instrument endorsements you may currently have. Also, please include your contact for each endorsement along with a number at which they can be reached.
  • List the retail music store and /or personnel with whom you correspond.
  • If you become a Yamaha artist at some level, what are your expectations of Yamaha?
  • As a Yamaha artist, how do you feel you can most positively affect peoples' perceptions of Yamaha, Yamaha sales and music education?

Once we receive your materials, we will respond as promptly as possibly. Most packages can take up to 4 weeks to review. Please be patient. These materials will not be returned to you.