Alex Albert

Alex Albert's Biography

Alex Albert started playing drums professionally as soon as he could drive at the age of 16 in various bands in Orange County, California. Self-taught, he has recorded over 10 albums and contributed to multiple studio recordings. He joined his first bands playing Indi-rock, and then metal in local coffee shops and venues. He instantly connected with creative expression, was inspired to cultivate his passion for music, and was determined to pursue his dreams.

Alex was a founding member of rock/metal band Project 86. Starting in his parents garage he helped to build Project 86 to write, record and tour on 5 records for Tooth and Nail Records and Atlantic Records. While recording with Project 86, Alex collaborated iconic alternative rock / metal producers Brian Carlstrom (RIP), GGGarth, and Matt Hyde, who helped to mold his playing and writing style. Most recently, Alex has played with Crash Rickshaw, The Lost Chorus, Neon Horse, and contributed to various studio projects.

Alex Albert's Gear
Alex Albert

Gear List

Roy Haynes SD Birch Custom Absolute (Vintage Natural) 22x16 BD 12x9 TT 13x10 TT 16X15 FT 18X16 FT