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PSG-01S is a USB Speakerphone that provides smooth, hands-free Communication using Skype.

The PSG-01S is a USB microphone speaker that provides smooth, hands-free calling using Skype. Featuring the same high performance adaptive echo canceller built into the Projectphone, the PSG-01S offers an enjoyable hands-free experience for personal use, plus the high performance and reliability you depend on for making important businesses calls.

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How to use - Using the PSG-01S with Skype.

1. Install the PSG-01S Controller.

2. Connect the PSG-01S to the USB port on a PC. You can also connect a Web camera to the PC if necessary.

If the Web camera includes a microphone, the PC may switch the audio to the web camera microphone.

3. Place the PSG-01S on a surface facing the talker.

4. Start Skype.

5. Click on a contact, then press the Off-hook button.

6. Start a conversation.

Call indicator

Adjust the volume

Mic mute on * Lay down PSG-01S to mute the microphone.

Muting the microphones During a Skype call, lay down this unit. The microphones are turned off temporarily.
To turn on microphones, stand this unit again.

7. Press the On-hook button to end the call.

When the included controller is installed:

  • You can adjust the unit’s settings
  • You can place/accept/terminate Skype calls with PSG-01S button operation


Smooth hands-free communication.

Echo cancelling technology is essential to ensure smooth hands-free communication. The PSG-01S features the same adaptive echo canceller built into the Projectphone. The adaptive echo canceller accurately removes feedback, the preventing any echo or cut-...

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