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Multipoint Audio Control Unit



Hold audio conferences easily with this SIP Network server designed exclusively for Projectphones.

Using the PJP-MC24 audio mixing features, you can hold one conference between up to 24 locations.

By connecting multiple PJP-MC24s to each other, you can hold conferences between up to 48, 72, or 96 locations (with two, three, or four PJP-MC24s connected to each other).

PJP-MC24 Catalog [English] PDF [568KB]

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  • Because the PJP-MC24 can only manage up to 200 calls, the number of PJP's that can be connected is limited to the number whose maximum number of calls is 200.
  • The maximum number of simultaneous conferences is 31 (one 24-location conference plus thirty 10-location conferences).


Holding conferences


From PC

With a Web browser, you can use the PJP-MC24 conference invitation features to start multipoint conferences easily. When you make conference reservations from a Web browser, the PJP-MC24 will automatically call all of the participating PJPs. They can join in the conference without making any calls.



Ad Hoc

You can hold a conference between 2 to 10 locations quickly and easily without using a PC by setting a conference number that terminals dial in order to participate in the conference.



Between Individual PJPs

PJPs can call each other directly by dialing each other's SIP extension numbers. Two to four PJPs can connect to each other in a direct call. This feature is convenient for daily conversations between locations.


Construct Simultaneous Connections between up to 24 Locations

PJP-MC24 is a audio conference multipoint control unit (MCU) that allows up to 24 PJP-100Hs and PJP-50Rs to connect, and talk simultaneously in a IP audio conference system. You can also connect up to four PJP-MC24s to each other, allowing audio conferen...

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