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Overview & Leaderboard

Over the years, Yamaha has offered various programs and promotions to better connect and engage with fans like you. Yamaha Account and Yamaha Rewards are the next step in that tradition, leveraging the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as the Yamaha website.
Connect with Yamaha and be a part of our exciting new rewards program! Have fun earning badges and moving up in the ranks while discovering what Yamaha has to offer.

Just for browsing and clicking and learning more about Yamaha, we'll reward you with:
    Coins – Redeemable for prizes in the Rewards Store.
    Points – Used to determine your status level and position on a Yamaha My Rewards leaderboard.
    Badges – Unlocked for completing certain tasks and milestones.
Rewards Center
Redeem your Yamaha coins for great rewards such as entries into the Yamaha 125th Anniversary 'Passion and Performance' Sweepstakes – with over 125 prizes! Get special access to exclusive Yamaha fan experiences. Discover unique Yamaha wearables and logo accessories. Show off to your friends with fun virtual rewards like shout-outs from Yamaha on Twitter and more! Sign in and check the Rewards Center for details on current reward selections. They change frequently – so check back often.
Earning coins and points is easy! Simply visit us online, at shows and in participating Yamaha dealer store locations and do the things you normally do: Read Yamaha news, watch videos and attend events to earn coins and points. Whenever you earn coins, you'll see your coin total increase within the My Rewards widget on the side of your browser. There are plenty of other ways to earn:
  • Complete Quests: Complete a specialized series of actions. Each step in a Quest will give you the details you need to continue moving ahead. New Quests are added often, so watch the Quests area within your account for new opportunities.
  • Recruit your friends: Each time you recruit your friends to My Rewards you will both be rewarded.
  • More Information: Coins and Goods Terms of Use
Collect them all! By participating in the My Rewards program you'll unlock various badges for the things you do online and at Yamaha events and locations.
Collect as many as you can and compete with your friends. Show off just how cool you are.
Yamaha has a wide array of products and technologies, partnerships and programs. Quests are a way to learn more about those hidden gems and behind-the-scenes gems that you may not have known about. Walk through a series of checkpoints that could include watching videos, answering quizzes, voting in polls, reading articles or completing special challenges. New Quests are added often, so watch the Quests area within your account for new opportunities.
The Leaderboard
Looking for some bragging rights? Curious to see how YamFan1887 earned all of those points? Get a quick overview of My Rewards member activity in real-time by checking the leaderboard below. Getting started is easy! Just by visiting usa.yamaha.com you'll begin to accumulate coins and rack up points.
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My Rewards currently works best on a desktop or laptop computer.
A mobile version for smart phones and tablets is coming soon...