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Well a lot has happened since 2005, still with Buckcherry and still playing the best drums made! Since joining the Yamaha family over a decade ago my drums and I have been around the world and I mean that literally! Played with and toured with some of the most iconic rock bands of our time. Playing an average of 260 shows a year for ten years you dam well better have the right equipment I can proudly and honorably say that my Yamaha drums and hardware have proven to be! I have had the joy of playing every type of wood that Yamaha offers, whether it was the Live Custom, Absolute Birch or the amazing Absolute Hybrid Maple series each and every drum has its own signature sound. As primarily a Rock drummer I pride myself on creating a foundation that allows the rest of the band to do their thing, creating that foundation with my Yamaha drums is not only a pleasure but an honor to do so night after night. I look forward with great anticipation to making more memories with the Yamaha Family and it's incredible products.

Xavier Muriel’s's Gear
Xavier Muriel’s

Gear List

Absolute Hybrid Maple/ Silver Sparkle
Live Custom / Black Wood

14x12 TT 16X15 FT 18X16 FT 24X14 BD 14X6 SD