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Bass Trombonist Wayne Coniglio is constantly turning ears his way with facile and prolific improvisations and extraordinary technique. He is a player completely at home in virtually any musical situation. Ignoring any limitation placed his instrument Wayne has developed a unique and legitimate approach to jazz on the Bass Trombone. Wayne became immersed in music at an early age learning piano then trombone, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, string bass, singing and record copying. He is a product of the strong grade school music program at Longview School in Phoenix which stressed learning multiple instruments, singing and performance. Wayne led his first big band in 7th grade filling in for the school band director on trombone and clarinet. After college, Wayne enjoyed being Bass Trombonist and a featured soloist with the international super star Ray Charles. A prolific writer and arranger, Wayne has written many Big Band charts that feature the Bass Trombone not in the pedestrian role typical to such scores, but as a true solo jazz voice. Many of these arrangements reside in the Ray Charles Orchestra book and are performed live to this day. Wayne has quickly established himself on the New York scene as a recognized jazz artist playing with such notables as; the Toshiko Akiyoshi Big Band, the Vanguard Orchestra, the Chico O'Farrill Latin-Jazz Dream Band, the Mingus Band, Frank Sinatra Jr., Jack Jones, Maureen McGovern, Bill Watrous, the Howard Williams Big Band, a number of Broadway show as well as many regional orchestras. Wayne is the leader of the "State of the Trombone" (4 trombones and rhythm) which has placed 1st in the International Trombone Associations "1999 Kai Winding Memorial Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition". Wayne is preparing to record with both the State of the Trombone and his own Quintet in the near future.

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